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My passion for advocacy was sparked 10 years ago. An MS diagnosis at 27 wasn’t easy, but it gave me perspective.  That’s why my passion doesn’t fade when a bill is voted down or a phone call isn’t returned – and it definitely doesn’t fade when a race doesn’t go my way.

Advocacy doesn’t stop at the general assembly – it’s not always about a governor’s signature.  Sometimes what matters most is at the local level – that’s why I’m running for Henrico County Board of Supervisors in the Tuckahoe District.

I’m going to be a voice for my neighbors when they need someone in their corner. Whether it’s a teacher who’s struggling to pay rent, a fireman who hasn’t gotten a raise in years, or an elderly woman who wants a grocery store that isn’t halfway across the county – I’ll have their back.

Education, Smart Growth and Safe Neighborhoods for Everyone!

These are real issues affecting real people - and I’m going to work tirelessly advocating for policies that make a difference.  Will you join me?